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Enerproject SA, (Enerproject) an ISO 9001 certified company is a leading gas compressor packager for gas turbine fuel pressure boosting, gas processing and gas recovery systems. Incorporated in 1995, Enerproject of Switzerland is a world renowned company and internationally present and active through its network of strategically located offices and contacts around the world.

Enerproject manufactures a comprehensive range of gas compressor packages. We serve two main industries and subsequent applications. These are the Power Generation and Oil and Gas markets. Our package systems are based on well proven heavy duty machines. Additionally, our compressor packages can conform to specific project applications for Oil Injected Screw compressors.

We meet the gas compression requirements of the industrial and public sectors which include but are not limited to: textile mills, pharmaceutical and food manufactures, chemical plants, district heating systems, sewage or biomass processing and many others. Through these sectors and more the excellence and dependability of Enerprojectís gas compressor packages enjoy experience, customer satisfaction, flexibility, availability and uncompromised quality.

We are capable to produce compressor packages, for a large variety of gas, like:

Natural gas
Coal bed methane
Landfill gas
Associated gas (Flare gas)

Until now, more than 300 units have been installed in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

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