With more than 25 years of experience in gas compression, we provide our solutions for any application in any sector where reliability is a must.

The followings examples are some fields of applications where the Enerproject’s team feels very comfortable in design, production and commissioning:

  • Medium/high pressure gas unit for own power generation plant
  • Compression unit to maximize plant efficiency (flare gas recovering, . . .)
  • Pipeline booster compression unit
  • Refrigeration unit: full refrigeration unit (compressor, condensator, evaporator,..) or compression station completing your refrigeration plant
  • Different boil-off situations: LNG plant, ammonia recovering unit, propylene recovering unit
  • Different renewable energy processes: bio methane, biogas, landfill gas, . . .

All our products find use in different fields of application such as

Power Generation

Compressors are used as fuel boosters to compress natural gas from various sources to gas turbines and gas Engines that function as […]

Oil & Gas

Offer the best long-term value across a wide range of up-mid-down stream oil and gas applications, petrochemical industry, the refineries. […]


We apply our outstanding experience in gas boosters and associated gas recovery to develop innovative cooling solutions to meet our […]

Renewable energy

We design packages for this specific application of the “wet gases“. Compressors are designed to compress from very low pressure […]