Centrifugal compressor packages

The choice of a centrifugal compressor package, instead of a screw, strongly dependent on flow rate and pressure of the media to be compressed. Our know-how enable us to make the right choice granting the best performance and availability to our customer. Wide pressure range and volume range enlarge our offer to the customer.

Main centrifugal compressor package range:

  • Inlet pressure from ambient up to 45 bar
  • Outlet pressure up to 100 bar
  • Volume flow from 20’000 up to 150’000 Nm3/h
  • Gas type: natural gas, landfill gas, biogas, mine gas, associated gas, . . .

All the Enerproject packages are designed to run in arctic, tropical or desert environments and remote areas as well

Capacity control

  • Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV)
  • Inlet throttling
  • Bypass